Technology is a part of our life as success. advance. progress.

Mobile Development

Mobile software development is a part of our life as an addiction where we love to think different. The blend of business and user experience is our goal at every project that we take a part. With this mentality and with the vast experience gained in years we achieved respectable results in several projects.

For our local and international clients from different sectors, we have developed a variety of applications on iOS Android platforms. With our product Netdrop, we’ve become Microsoft BizSpark member.

We are passionately following and applying new technologies in our own R&D Department. Our goal is to provide new innovative ideas to our existing and new clients for their own business.

Cloud Based Serverless Development

Our team has over twenty four years of experience in server-side software development which is coming from building & maintaining applications in banking, finance and telecommunications sector.

Every individual in our environment took part in different areas of server-side products & projects. APIs, third party integrations, performance critical environments, applications which require high security and availability. With the experience gained over a decade, our team is also capable of performing technology transformations between environments which has low tolerance for system down times.

We provide server-side software development services including all topics listed above and more. To get more information please contact us.