Push Notification Provider for Mobile Platforms

Project Description

MonoPush is push notification provider server for push notification supported mobile platforms.

We have created the missing tool of push notification platform.

First, we have started to support Apple mobile operating systems which are iPhone, iPod and iPad. We know that, some providers are already working on it. But, we believe that, we have created really different stuff.

MonoPush provides a simple client library which builts top of the Cocoa Touch framework, It makes easy to connect and register any device to MonoPush API.You need just copy and paste a few line codes to inside of your application and then magic will be started. After that you can start to watch, analyze, categorize your clients and you can send push messages to them as well as resource messages.

Live Preview
  • Skills:

    • Mobile
    • iOS
    • WebServer
    • Protocols
    • Framework
    • API
  • Client:

    Luteg Software Technologies