Ordering never been easy

Project Description

In daily routine we order lot’s of stuff. Water, Pizza etc. We use Internet, telephone to do these repetitive actions. Especially they get more boring while ordering the same need for the same amount every week generally at similar time period. That would be great if we were able to do this by pushing one button.

So we did it. We created a magnetic board which connects to smartphones via bluetooth and places orders by pressing a simple button on it. All you need to do is open your magnet and place it on your refrigerator.

To complete the scenario and to provide an end to end solution, we also created an order tracking and call center application

As our applications for patents still in progress that’s why unfortunately we cannot provide detailed information about the product. For product demo or further information please contact us.

  • Skills:

    • Mobile
    • iOS
    • Electronics
    • Bluetooth
    • Framework
    • API
  • Client:

    Luteg Software Technologies